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About Us

Concordia Computer Consultants is an Information Technology Company. We offer computer and computer network related services as well as some website maintenance services. Our expertise comes from 15 years of work in the computer industry. This work included, but was not limited to, computer hardware and software repairs, upgrades and maintenance as well as computer network installations, maintenance and configuration, to name just a few. Our staff include a graduate of Computer Engineering Technology from Red River College, A+ CompTIA Certified Technician as well as Certified Fiber Optic Technician. Most of our computer services are geared towards Microsoft Windows based systems but we also work with Linux based systems (Ubuntu, Knoppix, Mint, Mandrivia, SuSe, Red Hat, etc.). You can read about our services in more detail in the "Computer Services" and "Network Services" sections.

In today's world computers serve as an important "appliance" in many households. With the advancement of the Internet, digital picture/video cameras, voice over IP telephones and multimedia content they are often a focal point for storage, access and deployment of all these different files. Not that long ago computer systems were classified as a "nice to have" devices. These days they are quickly becoming "must haves" simply because they have the capability to make our every day live a lot easier.

Now, more than ever before, computers are used by our children to do their homework and schoolwork related research. More and more of us rely on them to get those important work assignments completed on time or to access work servers to work from home. We use them to edit and store family pictures and videos, to access Internet banking, to shop and to listen to the multimedia content...and this just scratches the surface of what computers can do for us. Because of this, it is imperative that they are kept in a good working condition. We want to be able to have a good, long, safe and stress free experience with our digital "appliance". For this reason it makes sense to periodically do all the little things that will help your machine run smoothly, which, in turn, might prevent a much bigger problem from occurring in the future. However, just like any other "appliance", computers will occasionally break down (Murphy's Law applies to computers too...). Whether it is a hardware problem or software issue it will have to be looked at and repaired. Another good and economical way to keep your PC's performance on par with newer systems, without having to purchase a new computer, is an occasional hardware and/or software upgrade. It is also important to perform regular maintenance on our PCs to keep them running smoothly, fast and trouble free. This is especially important when it comes to the computer viruses, malware and spyware - they can not only affect the performance of a system but can also destroy and/or steal personal data such as credit card numbers. Anti-virus programs have a hard time keeping up with the newest threats, as they come out every single day. Preventive maintenance, anti-virus software updates and operating system security "patches" should be performed/applied on regular basis.

We hope that everyone gets many years of trouble free service from their computer systems but, if something does go wrong with your computer, keep Concordia Computer Consultants in mind. If the service you are seeking is computer or network related, we can help. All our work is guaranteed, we offer very competitive prices and quick turn around time. We also offer a free of charge loaner PC pre-loaded with the most popular software (if available) - because we understand that sometimes your work and/or assignments can't wait just because your PC went down. This service is being offered on as needed basis and software suite can be tailored to individual needs.


Scroll down to see some of the services that we offer. Click on each service for more details and rates. PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.


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Computer Services

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Concordia Computer Consultants also offers, in limited capacity, the following services:

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